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    Oakwood Products, Inc. 803 739 8800 sales@oakwoodchemical.com www.oakwoodchemical.com United States
    OEM Concepts 877 341 3570 (Toll free) info@oemconcepts.com www.oemconcepts.com United States
    OMEGACHEM INC. 800 661-6342 (Canada and USA) info@omegachem.com www.omegachem.com Canada
    Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. 574 287 6910 omicron@omicronbio.com www.omicronbio.com United States
    Onyx Scientific Limited 0191 516 6 516 enquiries@onyx-scientific.com www.onyx-scientific.com United Kingdom
    Optimachem 912-384-5101 dmills@optimachem.com www.optimachem.com United States
    ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH +49 3494636389 info@organica.de www.organica.de Germany
    Organix Inc. 781 932 4142 sard@organixinc.com www.organixinc.com United States
    OTAVA chemicals 416 305 9979 (Canada) north.america@otavachemicals.com www.otavachemicals.com Ukraine
    Otsuka Chemical Co. Ltd. (06) 6946 6231 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList42/0.htm Japan
    Oxford Chemicals +44 (0) 1429 863 555 info@oxfordchemicals.com www.oxfordchemicals.com United Kingdom
    Oxxides, Inc. 212 580 0216 oxxides@oxxides.com www.oxxides.com United States
    Occidental Chemical Corporation 972 404 3800 www.oxy.com United States
    Ozark Fluorine Specialties, Inc. 918 586 4079 R. Dale Fisher, Sales www.ozarkfluorine.com United States
    Changzhou Odoc International Trade Co., Ltd 0519-85155810;0519-85155811 office1@odoc-co.com;office1@odoc-co.com www.odoc-co.com China
    Onward International Trade Co., Ltd 0086-838-8302040 hschem333@163.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4176/0.htm Europe
    Beijing Oriental Berger S&T Co., Ltd 010-51800039 13910994415 orientalberger@hotmail.com www.obst-bj.com China
    Qingdao Ouchem Trade Co., Ltd 86-0536-8587020 8589577 info@ouchem.cn www.ouchem.cn China
    Shouguang Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd 0536-5456769 ocean@oceanchemical.com www.oceanchemical.com China
    Shanghai OLI Enterprises Co., Ltd 021-64830020 64338244 oli@oli.com.cn www.oli-sh.com China
    Dalian Yuanyong Organosilicon Plant +86-411-84377916 info@organosilicon.com www.organosilicon.com China
    Yangzhou O & L Chemical Industry Co., Ltd +86-514-7261968 info@onl-chemical.com www.onl-chemical.com/cn/products.asp China
    Beijing Orient Fortune Co., Ltd (86-10)51074215 orient-pk@hotmail.com www.orient-pk.com China
    Onichem Specialities Co., Ltd 0411-62636091 enquiry@onichem.com www.onichem.cn China
    Ningbo Orpharma chemicals Co., Ltd +86-576-88204560 Orpharma@yahoo.com www.orpharma.com China
    Tangshan Aodong Chemical Co., Ltd 0571-86946950 export@oba.cn www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5023/0.htm China
    Jinan Orgachem Technology and Development Co., Ltd 0531-82687819 sales@orgachem.com www.orgachem.com China
    Qingdao On-Billion Import and Export Co., Ltd 0532-80681979 kellyzhang@obn.com.cn www.obn.com.cn China
    Originchem Co., Ltd 0523-86200346 sales@originchem.com www.originchem.com China
    Ochem Chemical Co., Ltd 0572-2678666 wengh@ochem.biz www.ochem.biz China
    Harbin Ocean Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd 0086-451-82366783;82300736 www.oceanchina.com China
    Suzhou Orilane Industrial Co., Ltd www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5601/0.htm China
    Shanghai Oasis Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd +86-21-50454641 sales@oasischemic.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5622/0.htm China
    Qingdao Oriental Tongxiang Trading Co., Ltd 86-0532-86679076 info@orientaltx.com www.orientaltx.com China
    Nanjing Odyssey Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 86 (025) 85312873 85321503 nods@163.net www.odysseychem.net China
    Beijing Ouhe Technology Co., Ltd 010-82967028- 2355560935@qq.com www.ouhechem.com China
    Chengdu Okay Plant & Chemical Co., Ltd 028-87712315 okaypharm@okaypharm.com www.okaypharm.com China
    Zhangjiagan Odyssey Maoyi Co., Ltd 0513-83885188 83886158 2648174498@qq.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList6090/0.htm China
    Shenzhen O'Bioer Technoligy Co., Ltd obioer@126.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList6198/0.htm China
    Nanning Only-Time Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0771-3840565 3829609 business@only-time.com www.only-time.com China
    Nantong Chengang Chemical Factory 0513-83555021 sale@organosilane.com www.organosilane.com/english/products9_en.htm China
    Hefei Dongfeng General Chemicals Plant 13805516447 yuyiwu1970@hotmail.com www.oxalic-cn.com China
    Olly Chem Co., Ltd 024 6225 9849 info@ollychem.com www.ollychem.com China
    Wenzhou Opal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 0577-86636577;0577-86636529 rd@opalchem.com;rd@opalchem.com www.opalchem.com China
    Zibo Zhangdian Dongfang Chemical Stock Co., Ltd 0533-2081047 rainywang@live.com www.orientchem.com China
    Yingkou Tykon Molecular Organosilicon Co., Ltd 86-417-2834636 amwTUS1@yahoo.com www.orgsi.com China
    Canton Oledking Optoelectric Materials Co., Ltd 020-87114400 oledking@foxmail.com www.oledking.com China
    Tangshan Ouli Petroleum Chemical Industry Co., Ltd www.oulishihua.com China
    Suzhou Oulit Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 086-512-6805-5878 sales@oulit.com www.oulit.com China
    Weifang Haihua Yuanda Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 0536-5332378 wangshouzhen12@hotmail.com; www.ourbromide.com China
    Shanghai Oripharm Co., Ltd 0086-21-64396936 info@oripharm.com.cn www.oripharm.com.cn China
    Hebei Ouya Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 0318-4307288 sales@ouyachemical.com www.ouyachemical.com China
    Oriental Union Chemical Corporation 886-2-27193333 vikipeng@oucc.com.tw www.oucc.com.tw China
    OLYMPIC STAR PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD 86-755-25310416 25310417 olymstar@olymstar.com www.aoxingpharma.com China
    OMKROWN PHARMACHEM PVT LTD 91-831-2497086 info@omkrown.com www.omkrown.com United States
    Oxkem Ltd +44 (0) 118 952 2929 info@oxkem.com www.oxkem.com United Kingdom
    Shanghai Orgchem Co.,Ltd. +86-21-58771921 info@orgchem.cn www.chemofchina.com China
    Shanghai Orient-Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.(Shanghai Dragon Sky Chemical Product Co.,Ltd.) 0086-21-50810808 www.orisalt.com China
    Zhoushan Olichem Chemical Co.,Ltd. 86-580-8710798 8710078 ypl@mail.zsptt.zj.cn www.olichem.com China
    OMKAR CHEMICALS & RESEARCH LABS.. +91-251-2690651/+91-251-2691602 rishi@bom8.vsnl.net.in www.omkarchemicals.com United States
    Orex Pharwww.orgamol.comma Pvt., Ltd 91-22-2536 5317; 2533 3379. www.orexpharma.com United States
    Optima Specialty Chemical, LLC (203)929-2031 info@optimaspecialty.com www.optimaspecialty.com United States
    ORICHEM INTERNATIONAL LTD. www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList7863/0.htm China
    Orchem Industries Pvt. Ltd 91-40-27701047; 27701282 www.orchemindia.com United States
    Orion Chem Pvt. Ltd. 91 22 24980458 / 24900759 / 27782942 / 27782943 info@orionchem.com www.orionchem.com United States
    Zhejiang Oma Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. 86-576-84058058 84058028 84058168 sales@omapharm.com www.omapharm.com China
    OMG's Electronic Chemicals unit 973-639-6719 ResponsibleCare@na.omgi.com www.omgi.com United States
    OYC International, Inc. 978-470-1980 service@oycus.com www.oycus.com United States
    SHREENATH ORGOCHEM 0091-79-8014957 response@organoimpex.com www.organoimpex.com United States
    OXARC Inc. 1-800-765-9055 oxarc@oxarc.com www.oxarc.com United States
    Orpegen Pharma +49 6221 9105-0 peptide@orpegen.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList8674/0.htm Europe
    UNICOM CHEMICAL LTD. 1-401-434-3300 orco@organicdye.com www.organicdye.com United States
    AIDE (Chang Ting) Chemical Co., Ltd. 0597- 6557320 13605932066 aidechem@sina.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList8955/0.htm China
    OXIS International Inc 800-547-3686 info@krishgen.com www.oxisresearch.com United States
    Onbio Inc. (905)707-1241 info@onbio.net www.onbio.net United States
    OCEAN TRADING CORPORATION +91(22) 24921669 otcchem@otcchem.com www.otcchem.com India
    Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai office 021-62368548 office@otsukac.com.cn www.graphtecchina.com China
    Zhejiang Oujiang, Chemicals Import and Export Co. Ltd. 0576-88888666 ouhua-1106@hotmail.com www.ouhuachem.com China
    Juancheng Eurasian Chemical Co. 0530-2360777;2361678 info@ouyachem.com;info@ouyachem.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList9424/0.htm China
    Tianjin AoJia Technology Ltd. 022-23858816 owstt@tom.com www.on-well.com China
    Orgo-Chem +91 (22) 2382 9669 www.orgochem.com United States
    Shanghai Ocen Zinc Industry Co., Ltd 021-51698599;021-56037036 sales@ouchengzinc.com;sales@ouchengzinc.com www.ouchengzinc.com China